Sash Window Restoration Specialists


Sash windows are regarded as the ultimate choice for style and luxury in interior home decor and design.  The best Sash Window restoration company in the Cotswolds, specialise in the renovation of sash windows, including draught proofing, sash cord replacement and also full sash window restoration. The repair or restoration of a traditionally designed original period feature box sash window should only ever be performed by an experienced and qualified specialist restorative joinery company, like ourselves.


Most good sash window restoration companies will be completely devoted to their profession and will take great pride in all the work that they carry out. They will make use of both traditional carpentry as well as some of the more modern joinery techniques available to repair and restore sash windows. They will also make use of only the finest materials available.

Sash Windows


The services provided by most quality sash window restoration companies are quite wide-ranging, dealing with all kinds of restoration and repair activities ranging from full sash window restoration to simply replacing broken sash cords. All the best companies will often have their own unique and exclusive draught proofing system or method which differs from company to company.


A trustworthy and reliable window restorer should provide full restoration of sash windows whilst holding a strong belief that sash window replacement should be your ultimate option when the condition of the sash window has deteriorated beyond economic repair.


Normally the time period taken for sash window renovation or major repair is one or two windows per day, but then the time may vary depending on the extent of the repairs with full restoration taking considerably longer.



If you are looking at repairing, draught proofing or restoring your sash windows then contact us for free advice or a quote, we are always happy to help.  We offer free site surveys and free detailed quotations and that to at highly competitive prices.


Sash Window Restoration In the Cotswolds, Preserving Traditional Architectural Heritage

With the growing change in interior design trends, almost everybody now seems to be fascinated with sash windows. For those who aren't aware, these are actually sliding windows that can slide both vertically and horizontally and are usually available in pairs.

People in the Cotswolds are particularly fond of sash windows for their home and there are many sash window companies that are catering to these needs. Almost all quality sash window companies should strongly believe in preserving any architectural heritage and keeping this is mind most will provide great quality workmanship.